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Apr 28, 2020

#45 - Mary Kay Andrews: New York Times Best Selling Author Mary Kay Andrews talks about her new book HELLO, SUMMER, as well as her background as a reporter, how she started writing, and words of encouragement for aspiring authors.

Sarah “Conley” Hawkins left her family and their hometown newspaper The Silver Bay Beacon behind her years ago in pursuit of a bigger life—and career. When an unfortunate turn of events leaves her unexpectedly unemployed, she’s forced to return home and lick her wounds.  At home, she’s faced with unfinished business: a resentful older sister who sacrificed her own dreams to take over the family business; an aging grandmother; an old friend whose feelings run deeper than friendship; and trauma from her past that she’s never addressed. As she struggles to find a new job, she agrees to work for her sister at The Beacon. Soon, she finds herself covering a tragic accident that resulted in the death of a revered local politician, but the facts aren’t adding up. She goes in search of answers and in doing so reveals a number of skeletons in the Congressman’s closet. And as truths about his dark past emerge, the story catches the attention of national press, launching Conley back into the spotlight—but not without danger and difficult decisions.

An intriguing mystery, inspiring tale of second chances, and moving family drama with a touch of romance, HELLO, SUMMER is a quintessential summer read from the master of her genre.